Brain Plasticity

Brain Plasticity

Brain plasticity says that healthy brain circuitry continues to rewire itself in response to new experience throughout life.

NLP Changes the Brain by Changing Thoughts

Rewiring the brain is at the heart of what Neuro-Linguistic Programming does effectively. Through the power of language, old ways and habits are unlearned while new ways and habits are formed. This unlearning and learning are natural processes, but are directed willfully and more effectively and efficiently with the assistance of NLP.

Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz has said: "It is the brains astonishing power to learn and unlearn, to adapt and change, to carry with it the inscriptions of our experience.

The life we lead, in other words, leaves a mark in the form of enduring changes in the complex circuitry of the brain -- footprints of the experiences we have had, the actions we have taken.

The adult brain can change. It can grow new cells. It can change the function of old ones. It can rezone an area that originally executed one function and assign it another.

The exertion of willful effort generates a physical force that has the power to change how the brain works and even its physical structure."

I think the operative term in all of this is "exertion of willful effort" powered by the why behind the change potentiates the brain changing and makes it all possible. Nietzsche has said "he who has a why for which to live, can bear almost any how".

This is fantastic news, is it not? That neuro-scientists and neuro-linguists agree, the one side via emperical evidence, and the other via subjective and clinical evidence is another confirmation that change can happen.

Now, the reason this is important is that anyone in the field of NLP can work under the pre-supposition that rewiring the brain is the end-effect of the change work, which lends congruence to the work itself. The client as well can take courage that the very same learning processes that produced the ill-formed outcomes can be employed to rapidly replace the negative outcomes with positive ones.