Mission of Grass Roots NLP:

The mission of Grass Roots NLP is to provide free self-help based on the contributions of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and emerging best practices, shared by real people, in real time, in the real world. We seek to find or create better, more ecologically sound, and lasting outcomes, beginning exactly where we are here and now.

Guiding Principles:

1. Practice makes perfect. Nobody gets better at anything without practice. NLP as theory does nothing. NLP as practice gets results.

2. Good life strategies should be available to anyone. Everybody is welcome to our version of NLP at no cost. By practicing your NLP skills and becoming more comfortable with them, you have already paid your dues.

3. If a mental strategy works, it could be NLP or go by some other name. We use NLP terms and name NLP patterns to rapidly communicate ideas, but those terms are not sacred. Most people manage to survive or thrive without ever knowing what NLP is, and that's OK. Seek to understand strategies that work, and how they work.

4. You've got a perspective... so let's hear it. We learn from the original NLP founders and younger generation NLP practitioners, but we also acknowledge that everyone has strategies that work for them. Everyone has something to teach.

5. Everyone can be right, but not everyone can be equally right in every context. Try on other perspectives, keep an open mind, and notice something new.

6. However you use NLP to squeeze positivity out of life, leave the world a better place than you found it, or at least please don't leave a mess.

7. Anyone who practices NLP with the intent to improve is an NLP practitioner to us, whether you are "certified" or not. However, NLP practitioners actually need to practice our craft if we don't want to suck.

8. Don’t seek perfection! But remember that almost any situation, behavioral pattern, or outcome can be improved. Start now.

What We Are:

We're a community of NLPers that look for better ways to do more with the time we have, and share the knowledge.

Grass Roots NLP is you and me noticing and practicing strategies that work. It's anyone who notices and tries better ways of doing things. It's people changing their mental models, their internal maps, and finding and realizing their purpose

Grass Roots NLP is powered by real people whose passion and compassion are informed by NLP as a common language.

What We Are Not:

Grass Roots NLP is not a school or an organization, it is not a business or an industry, it is not a religion, it is not new age. It is not an age group or social class, it is not a psychology, it is not a methodology, a system, a category, a yoga, a system or a way...

Join the Conversation

Grass Roots NLP invites NLPers everywhere to join in the discussion of excellence, and opens its forums to everyone. If you need a larger platform for sharing your knowledge, consider joining us to become a contributor, where you can post your blogs, local NLP events and training here.