Our mission is to fearlessly explore human experience, using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and other effective modalities; to make the outer world better by making our inner worlds better.

Grass Roots NLP

Guiding Principles:

  1. Effective strategies should be available to anyone. Anybody is welcome to our community at no cost. By practicing your NLP skills, and other modalities, and becoming more skillful in their use, you are paying your dues forward.
  2. If a strategy works, make it your own. We refer to NLP terms and patterns to communicate ideas, but those terms are not sacred. We use what works and reject what doesn't.
  3. Everyone's perspective is valid. We start from where we are, with what we've got. Our own perspective is the only authentic place from which we can begin.
  4. Some perspectives are more valid than others. We are open to other perspectives, and willing to update our maps when new and better information comes along.
  5. Practice, practice, practice. We earnestly practice NLP intending to improve. Whether you are "certified" or not, it's the ongoing practice that makes you a true "practitioner."
  6. Do no harm. Experiment all the time. However, always leave yourself, others and the world better off than you found them. We allow a few messes, but always clean up after yourself.

What We Are:

Grass Roots NLP is a community of explorers, mapping the world of subjective experience. We are always looking for our maps and strategies to be more accurate, current, and useful in the real world. We are powered by real people, like you, whose passion and a clear understanding of subjective experience informs compassion for life, and how to make the mind work better for them.

What We Are Not:

Grass Roots NLP is not a school or an organization; it is not a business. It is not a religion or a new age group. Funding for Grass Roots NLP is made possible by our partners.

Join the Conversation

Grass Roots NLP invites you to join the discussion and share what works for you.