Mission of Grass Roots NLP

The mission of Grass Roots NLP is to provide free self-help based on the contributions of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and emerging best practices, shared by real people, in real time, and in the real world. We seek to find or create better, more ecologically sound, and lasting outcomes, beginning exactly where we are here and now.

Our Guiding Principles

1. Working strategies should be available to anyone. Everybody is welcome to study NLP together with us at no cost. By embodying more joy in your world, you have already paid your dues by example.

2. If it works, then NLP by any other name is good stuff. We often use NLP terms to help convey more information, but the words themselves are not sacred. Most people manage to survive or thrive without ever knowing what NLP is, and that's OK. Always go for what works.

3. You've got a perspective... let's hear it. We learn and pay homage to the NLP gurus, but we also acknowledge that everyone has strategies that work for them in their own worlds.

3. Though everyone is right, not everyone can be equally right in every context. Try on other perspectives, actively learn from mistakes, and go for what works.

4. The world we share is fuller of people every day. However you use NLP to get what your positive intent out of life, leave your world a better place than you found it.

5. Anyone who practices NLP is an NLP practitioner in their own world and in our book, whether "certified" or not. However, we acknowledge that NLP practitioners actually need to practice if we don't want to suck.

6. Perfection is boring, but any situation can be improved. Start by asking how.

What We Are

We're a community of NLPers that look for better ways to do things, and to spread excellence around.

Grass Roots NLP is you and me noticing and doing what works. It's anyone who sees a way to better things. It's people changing their internal maps, and moving more elegantly through the world.

Grass Roots NLP is the emergence of best of humanity, as excellence is first detected, then modeled and taught to others at a faster rate.

Grass Roots NLP is powered by NLPers and non NLPers alike, whose instinct for a thriving humanity is viscerally strong, and informed by NLP... as a basis for communicating.

Grass Roots NLP is manifest in the world every time you and I see through new eyes, hear the other person with new ears, utter the insightful word, make that hard choice with grace, or exibit excellence, whether others are watching or not.

What We Are Not

Grass Roots NLP is not a school or an organization, it is not a business or an industry, it is not a religion, it is not new age, and it is not a philosophy. It is not an age group or social class, it is not a psychology, it is not a methodology, a system, a category, a yoga, a system or a way...

Join the Conversation

Grass Roots NLP invites NLPers everywhere to join in the discussion of excellence, and opens its forums to everyone. If you need a larger platform for sharing your knowledge, consider joining us to become a contributor, where you can post your blogs, local NLP events and training here.